Lobmeyr Oriental Flowers Drinking Set


In the years following the 1869 opening of the Suez Canal, an interest in Orientalist ornamentation swept across Europe. The hand-enameled flower motifs of this set are inspired by designs from 1898 taken from the company’s archives. Each tumbler is mouthblown in wafer-thin muslin glass, the delicate-looking yet remarkably strong Austrian crystal that is signature to the company. Handwash only.

A family-run company for six generations, Vienna-based Lobmeyr first began offering its decorative crystal creations in 1823. From its introduction of the first electric chandelier to the Vienna Imperial Palace in 1883 to its iconic mouth-blown drinking glasses, the company’s innovative designs are rooted in two centuries of the highest quality craftsmanship. Lobmeyr remains dedicated to the avant-garde and has collaborated with legendary designers such as Adolph Loos, Josef Hoffmann and Ted Muehling. Lobmeyr pieces are held in the permanent collections of design museums across the globe.