Marie Christophe American Goldfinch


The bright yellow and black American Goldfinch can be found across most of North America in backyards and at the edges of forests and plains. Native Americans considered the active and acrobatic little birds to be a symbol of joy, motivation and positivity and their song to represent self-expression. This piece is one of a limited edition of wire sculptures of beloved Charlotte, North Carolina songbirds, commissioned from Marie Christophe.

French sculptor Marie Christophe’s wondrous wire creations combine the two disciplines she studied in art school: drawing and sculpture. Using pliers to twist pewter wire into delicate, ethereal silhouettes, Christophe merges utilitarian sensibility with artful expression. The unexpected elegance of thin wire shaped into fairytale-like filigree animals and whimsical lamps has captivated collectors and art enthusiasts around the globe. Embellished with handmade ceramic beads and crystals, Christophe’s diaphanous designs emanate lighthearted sophistication.

Height: 6in, Width: 4.5in, Depth: 8.5in

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